Sunday, April 3, 2011

Will Japans Disaster Affect this years Mushroom Harvest?

Mushrooms are one of natures creations that can absorb high quantities of  nuclear materials.

The monitors in Washington state and on the West Coast are showing an increase in radioactive particles coming from Japan's disaster.

Will this affect the wild harvest of mushrooms there this year?  Read my post on this subject HERE

Yours In Wild Harvest Profits Success!

5Rviers Jim

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some of my Favorite links for Wild Harvesting Profits

I have been surfing around and found some blogs that I think you may be interested in:

This site covers one of the most important areas of our life's. Our physical machine we call our body.

I use this system to regain and maintain my physical and emotional fitness to pursue my favorite pastime. Wild Harvest For Profit and the enjoying Nature.

(Pearl City Society of Brewers )

This site is about Homebrewing and enjoying one of man's true pleasures a REAL Beer!

It covers the brewers around Muscatine, Iowa, but it's content will help any aspiring SOB.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Moving to another Blog Platform

Hey Folks.

I am currently moving this blog to the following URL: Wild Harvest For Profit.

I decided to do this so that I would have a little more control over how my blog looked and what it could offer to my readers.

I am keeping this blog up for a few more months so that wanders can find the current location of Wild Harvest for Profit.

Go there now and start following my posts on this great profession of ours

PS  I said that I would post a picture of my newest "son" and here it is.  His name is Toby III.

He is three months old here, and he will be growing to be a large bred dog.  He is our third Weim'er, and he has taken our hearts already.

I wish all a Great Holiday, and a Merry Christmas.

Make sure to bookmark the new location for Wild Harvest For Profit now so that you can stay up to date with harvesting for profit from the wild.

Yours in Wild Harvest For Profit Success!

5Rivers Jim

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Haven't Forgot You All

Unfortunetly, I have some family business to attend to, my Mothers ill, and needs some attention.

I have not forgot my promise of the report on Diamond Willow.  I just about have it completed, and will work on it so that it can be posted when I return from South Dakota.

Also, my wife surprised me with another hunting dog puppy.....his name will also be "Toby".  Will post a picture when I return.

Yours in Wild Harvest Profits Success.

5Rviers Jim

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Buyer for Wild Harvest Profits Commodities

I have located a buyer that purchases numerous wild harvested or foraged items.

They have an extensive website here:

You must register for access to their site for market prices, and current needs. Well worth the trouble, you'll see when you have access.

I have been registered for two years now, and I have never received one piece of spam from them

Even if you don't elect to sell your commidites to them, it is treasure house showing you things that you can harvest, with descriptive photo's of the commodity, and the part that is needed.

Great Information for the Wild Harvester for Profit.

Comments on this site welcome.  Tell me what you think.

Yours in Wild Harvest Profit Success!

5Rviers  Jim

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to - VS- What to Wild Harvest For Profit

I have been reading some of the emails I get on the direction of this blog, and I would like to ask a question of those that read it:

Are you looking for "How to do" versus "What to do".

Let me explain.

How to do wild harvesting....the activity.... is pretty much self understood. When I buy a how to do book or report, I fully expect to be shown "How to" arrive at my goal successfully.  If the information doesn't provide this direction then it has not lived up to it's title of ...."How To".

When I am looking around the internet for different markets and commodities that can be included in Wild Harvest Porfits Blog I am looking at the...."What to do".

Where would you like this blog's direciton?   More "How to do it"?  More "What to do"?

Let me know by leaving a comment below or contact me here!

Your is Wild Harvest Profits Success!

5Rviers Jim

PS: Thanks for all the thoughtful emails about Toby. It will take awhile to get back up to steam with his passing, but I am on the roll again.

PSS:  I am finishing the report on "Diamond Willow's" and will have it ready for you shortly. Answering the question above will determine the direction to take. Let me know.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Personal Post

Today I lost the best friend that I hunting dog Toby.

I will not gush all over the place, but he was the only "true" man's BEST Friend I have ever experienced.

December 2000.  Eight Weeks Old

Oct 2009 Nine years old

He died on the day that he was born 10 years ago.

Damn I hate digging graves!

5Rivers Jim