Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to - VS- What to Wild Harvest For Profit

I have been reading some of the emails I get on the direction of this blog, and I would like to ask a question of those that read it:

Are you looking for "How to do" versus "What to do".

Let me explain.

How to do wild harvesting....the activity.... is pretty much self understood. When I buy a how to do book or report, I fully expect to be shown "How to" arrive at my goal successfully.  If the information doesn't provide this direction then it has not lived up to it's title of ...."How To".

When I am looking around the internet for different markets and commodities that can be included in Wild Harvest Porfits Blog I am looking at the...."What to do".

Where would you like this blog's direciton?   More "How to do it"?  More "What to do"?

Let me know by leaving a comment below or contact me here!

Your is Wild Harvest Profits Success!

5Rviers Jim

PS: Thanks for all the thoughtful emails about Toby. It will take awhile to get back up to steam with his passing, but I am on the roll again.

PSS:  I am finishing the report on "Diamond Willow's" and will have it ready for you shortly. Answering the question above will determine the direction to take. Let me know.

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