Thursday, December 9, 2010

Moving to another Blog Platform

Hey Folks.

I am currently moving this blog to the following URL: Wild Harvest For Profit.

I decided to do this so that I would have a little more control over how my blog looked and what it could offer to my readers.

I am keeping this blog up for a few more months so that wanders can find the current location of Wild Harvest for Profit.

Go there now and start following my posts on this great profession of ours

PS  I said that I would post a picture of my newest "son" and here it is.  His name is Toby III.

He is three months old here, and he will be growing to be a large bred dog.  He is our third Weim'er, and he has taken our hearts already.

I wish all a Great Holiday, and a Merry Christmas.

Make sure to bookmark the new location for Wild Harvest For Profit now so that you can stay up to date with harvesting for profit from the wild.

Yours in Wild Harvest For Profit Success!

5Rivers Jim

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