Sunday, February 11, 2007

King of the Forest Floor - Morel's

Wild Harvest Profits is looking forward to tracking down the KING of the Forest Floor - Morels. Come on Warm Weather! Morel's are one of the most sought after mushrooms throughout the United States in the Early Spring. Wild Harvest Porfits will be compiling an indepth report that will show how to:

  • Locate, Picking and Caring for your Harvest

  • Selling and pricing your Harvest

  • Locating buyers

  • Keeping your Harvest fresh for best price

  • After Market products

Look for this report in the next few weeks. We will be covering legal requirements ,if any, for your area; harvesting methods and handling while in the field; and much-much more. Look back, and until then success on your Wild Harvesting Profits.

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Madge said...

Well written article.