Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ginseng Information for the Wild Harvester

Hey folks!

I debated long and hard on doing a total work up on the most famous natural "green gold" commodity Ginseng!

I am not going to rehash all the excellent books and pamplets that are available to the Wild Harvester and Forager regarding wild ginseng.  I am going to show you a few pictures and give you a few links to go to if you think that this is something that you would like to harvest.

Honestly, I do not pursue this natural commodity!

I have had some run ins with local "sangers" on the property privileges for harvesting, and they became pretty intense. I am talking LOUD words, and flashing of holstered weapons. It was after this encounter that I decided that there were plenty of other commodities to pursue for making some cash, and let this one go.
(Yes....I did have written permission to harvest on this property, but these valley folks didn't believe me and the paper that the permission was written on!)

In my last post I said to always check the state laws for obtaining a permit, or license for digging Ginseng. Just do a Google Search, and put in your state, and the phrase "laws on harvesting Ginseng".  This will bring up the sites for the specific state on the harvesting and sale of Ginseng.

Make sure you do this....Laws vary from state to state. My state you need to purchase a license to harvest or sell ginseng.  It is totally different for the state of Tennessee. I am sure each state is different on requirements, so bone up on the rules.

Today I did go into the woods and found some Ginseng, but the amount was nothing to shout about, and I also want to leave this small patch to grow for future years.  Never know....I may need it in my old age to keep me going!

This is ginseng growing in the forest.  It is a relatively easy plant to identify, but please make sure that you dig only this plant, and not some very close look a likes.  Bring along a guide that I always have with me it is easy to carry and has saved my bacon more then once while in the field. Check out Peterson Field Guide to Medical Plants and Herbs

If you have any questions on this historical root commodity let me know. Leave your comments on this post

Yours in Wild Harvest Profits success!

5Rivers Jim

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