Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Look at the History of Wild Harvest For Profit

I ordered a book that was published 35 years ago...Wildcrafting: Harvesting the wilds for a living : brush-picking, fruit-tramping, worm-grunting, and other nomadic livelihoods

It was exciting to read that this time honored profession has been with this country since it's beginning.

I am going to share some of the insights that the author Jack McQuarrie writes in this great look into the history Wild Harvesting for Profit in future posts.

They are truly interesting for the Wild Harvester or Wild Forager.

The first thing that I want to share is that you MUST make sure that the commodity that you harvest is still in demand and legal to sell. CASCARA Bark was harvested in great quantities in the Pacific Northwest for many years, but in 2002 the FDA restricted its use.

A search on the internet did show some folks still trying to sell this item, but I did not find any buyers. They may be there, the buyers, but in my search I didn't find one buyer.

Find out if there is a market before you invest the time and energy for a product that is no longer needed.

Stay tuned for tid-bits of this great book. You won't be sorry! May open a new market for your harvest.

Yours in Wild Harvest Profit success.

5Rivers Jim

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