Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tools for a Dry Foot Day

I have finally realized that having the correct tools when Wild Harvesting for Profits makes all the difference when determining if this is an activity that you want to pursue or just "let go".

I have made posts on how I am using my Etrex Venture HC GPS as a tool to increase my effectiveness in scouting and then finding commodities for wild harvesting through the year. I also have put together a "Tool Kit" that I take with me when out and about foraging.  One of the things that I sometimes forget  that are "tools" are things that are obvious for most folks.  Wearing the correct clothing to match the activity is one of those things that I take for granted that everyone will know what to use and wear.

I think that the correct foot ware is one of the most important tools that an active Wild Harvester can own.

My favorite in the past few months have been  a hiking/outdoor boot made by

One of my most important "TOOLS"


This is one of the best pairs of all around outdoor boots that I have
ever owned. 

I do not make recommendations on things that I don't actually try or own, so don't think that I am only trying to sell you on ordering these boots.  If you need a pair of quality, rugged, light and durable boots then give these a try. " ClICK HERE"

I hope that this Labor Day Holiday for those of us in the United States and beyond is going well, and is safe and relaxing for all.  I am going in the woods today to take some photo's and enjoy the beautiful weather we are experiencing here in the Midwest.

Yours in Wild Harvest success.

5Rivers Jim

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