Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Taking Stock and Creating Wealth

I have been busy lately with my other profession, but I wanted to talk about the life style, or mind set of those of us that Wild Harvest or Forage for Profit.  Have fun and profit from your time in the woods or on the water.

I talked with a buyer for Ginseng locally, and he had some very interesting comments on this very profitable market from another buyer in the Dakota's.

It seems one very energetic harvester thought that super cleaning his roots would bring him a higher price, and was shocked by what his extra labor rewarded him. He actually got a lower price for his roots because the buyer thought that they were TOO clean, and came from cultivated "sang.

Apparently, he cleaned his roots with a tooth brush of all the crevice dirt and discoloration on the roots, beyond the normal washing and drying that most buyers require. It just hammers home the point to contact your buyer and see if there are any special requirements you need to observe for harvesting and selling your bounty.

Also, I received a comment on my post of "getting legal"  (click to see post) before harvesting Ginseng, and they were happy that I had posted a link to our states website regarding harvest and sale of 'sang. He stated that he had a hard time finding information on these rules and laws. If you find yourself in that spot just post a comment and I will help you with finding what you are looking for no matter your location here in the US or Canada.

Another note for Wild Harvester's and Forager's.
Make sure you have your  written permission for being on private property while harvesting  with you.  

I manage a farm/forest for a friend and there were three foragers on that property without permission this last weekend.  They said that they got verbal permission from the owner to harvest. Well, that owner/manager was me and I shocked them by saying I... the manager.... never saw them before and they would have to leave. I was kind, but firm, and had them leave the property, but I was well within my rights to call the DNR Warden and have them ticketed.

Just a heads up!

Your is Wild Harvest Profits success!

5Rivers Jim

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