Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wild Grape Vines Tips!

I  forgot to talk about Wild Grape Vines and how to use them to make Wild Harvest Profits.

I normally harvest the vines that are about as thick as your index finger. You can make do with thicker vines, but they are tougher to get to make into a wreath...not impossible...just harder. The best time to harvest is when they are still actively growing....they are more supple then.

Strip the side shots, but not to many...they add to the "natural" look of your wreath.

I made a form from a piece of plywood and a few dowels I had in my garage. I drew a circle of the intended inside dimensions of the wreath, placed my dowels on the inside of the circle, attached the dowels from the back of the plywood, and it resulted in a form for wrapping the vines around. This simple tool makes forming a circle quite easily.

Don't get carried away with putting to many vines in a single wreath. Believe me when I say that "less is much more beautiful" for this project. If anything the weight of the wreath would be extreme if you made it 7 inches in diameter.

Go to your local hobby store, or florist shop and look at the size they are selling for a good idea of what to make yours.

I use fine wire for tying in the vines into the wreath.  Toward the end of making the desired size, I take a supple vine and wrap it around the entire wreath tying it together visually.

If your vines are less then supple for bending around your form, you have a few options.  You can make a small incision  of the inside edge of the vine helping it to relax and bend, or you can soak them in a large water bath

This will help them relax and form around your jig.  The only problem I have with the water bath, is that it means that you will have to dry the vine wreaths before you can market them. Takes more time and adds steps but a lot of the times it makes the wreathes more appealing after drying.

Many times this is the only way to make the wreathes presentable. Just figure a little more time in the marketing of this very easily salable commodity.

I can get anywhere from $10.00 dollars for a small to medium sized wreath when selling it at a farmers market all the way to $20.00.  It just depends on the season.  Folks start to think inside decorations with nature later int the year...Fall being the prime time around my locale.  Expect a little less when selling them wholesale to crafter's and florist .

In an afternoon of harvesting you can easily take in enough vines for for three too five wreathes, and this doesn't take long to add up to some nice easy money for a little quality time spent in the great outdoors.

Remember this post on using window screens for drying commodities.

Any Questions?  Comment below.  I check daily, and will be back with you normally in less than 24 hours.

Your is Wild Harvest Profit success!

5Rivers Jim

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