Wednesday, October 27, 2010

$15,000 Winter Project

Well I hope that I didn't get all of the readers to excited about today's post. It covers a commodity that is readily available all over the US and Canada.

I am writing another free report that will cover this Wild Harvest Profit product, and I should have it done in the next few days...but I am going to let you know what it is now....


One harvester finds stands of this tree during the Winter in low areas and marsh lands. He takes a saw, some heavy duty pruning shears, a sled, some rope and some "muscle" and cuts these trees and brings them home to finish making into his kit's that he sells during the Summer Home shows in his area. 

He has been dong this for a number of years and has been making a "nice" slice of change each season. He averages $15,000 doing this activity.  It is not a get rich quick rip off, just good honest work, and hustle on his part.

I'll go more in-depth with my report that will be available to my readers shortly.

Personal Observation:

I check everyday for information throughout the US and Canada on markets, wild harvestable commodities, tips, tools, and techniques for the Wild Harvester or Forager. 

I post some of that information here....BUT....there is a huge amount of BS covering this activity all over the internet and among certain environmental groups. 

A tremendous amount of information is way outdated. If a harvester were to follow those outdated rules or guides they would be in serious trouble either with the law, or trying to sell a commodity that is no longer in demand or the market has died.

Some environmental groups think that "anything" that comes from a wild harvest or forage is an attack on Nature and is depleting the order of the world. They advocate making any wild harvested item sold for a profit illegal. No matter what it is...pine straw, hickory nuts, name it.

The reason for the above paragraphs is that this is OUR profession, and that profession depends on current information on the legal aspects of wild harvesting, and also on the ethical guidelines of profitable harvesting.

Follow that laws that cover whatever commodity that you pursue.

Follow sustainable harvesting practices to assure future products. 

Be proud that you partake of one of this country's oldest and honorable activities...Wild Harvesting For Profit.

Yours in Wild Harvest Profit Success.

5Rivers Jim

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