Friday, October 22, 2010

Interview With Dan Wiebke-Ginseng Buyer Part Two

This is the second part of a interview of Questions and Answers with Dan Wiebke, President, Wiebke Fur and Trading Company.

Dan and his staff are some of the main buyers in the Midwest US for a number of years. You can catch part one of his interview here.  Interview With Dan Wiebke-Ginseng Buyer.

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Now let's finish talking with Dan:

WHP:  What prices have you experienced in the Ginseng Market?  Highest - Lowest.

DAN:  When we first started in the business we were paying around $100 for dry root.  We have paid up to $1000/lb for dry root.

WHP:  What is the current selling price and for what quality?

DAN:  Current selling price - $475 - $500 for average to good quality.  Better quality would bring a premium.

WHP:  In your experience with this plant, do you think that this commodity is destined for listing as an endangered plant species?

DAN:  Endangered species - I don't feel it will make the endangered species plant list.  It is an important industry in many parts of the US.  It has proven that it can be a sustainable commodity with the current harvest seasons.

WHP:  When is the best time to sell your Ginseng to a buyer?

DAN:  Timing is very difficult to figure out.  Markets go up and down with supply and demand.

WHP: you have any funny stories or happenings that you would like to share...we all love "personal" stories.

DAN:  Several years ago, two of my best diggers came in on a Thursday night (opening week of Oktoberfest*) with a big haul of very nice root for which I paid them a premium.  They walked out the door with just short of $10,000 in their pockets.  On Monday morning, they called me needing to borrow some gas money - they had blown their Ginseng money over the weekend enjoying Oktoberfest.

* Oktoberfest is a annual event here in La Crosse, WI. Much partying and carrying on for a whole week.

Thanks Dan.  I know that the readers and followers of Wild Harvest Profits Blog really appreciate you taking the time to answer some of their questions. We wish you much success in this years market.

Also, if you go to their website you can see the other commodities that they deal in. Click here. 
These are a great group to deal with, I totally endorse doing business with them.

Yours in Wild Harvest Profit Success.

5Rivers Jim

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