Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Questions for a Ginseng Buyer.

Well, folks that initial interview with a Ginseng buyer has not come to fruit. I found out that this guy was just a blow hard, and didn't have anything of any value.....but I have something even better coming.

I contacted an established buyer that has stores in a few midwest states. He has been in the business for numerous years, and has a wealth of knowledge for wild harvesters and foragers.

He is Dan Wiebke, one of the main players at Wiebke Fur Company. here in La Crosse, WI.

He has agreed to answer some of your questions on the current market for Ginseng, its handling, transportation, etc. I just sent him a Q &A  list this morning, so as soon as I get some responses I'll be posting them here on the blog.

Also, Dan and his company buy other wild harvest commodities, and I am going to twist his arm and get some insights on the other products and his advise when presenting them to buyers.

Be patient this is a busy time for him and his staff, but I am excited about getting this information and getting it out there for you.

I am working on a white paper covering " Essential Tools for Wild Harvesting Profits".  I need some of the true and tested tools and items you take into the field when you are harvesting or foraging. I have mine, but I am interested in learning what other folks feel is "absolute" on their belts when in the woods or on the water. Post a comment, let's see what you can't live without when harvesting.

Your in Wild Harvest Profit Success!

5Rivers Jim

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