Sunday, October 17, 2010

Look at these Laws! Ginseng in West Virginia

Just a little heads up on some laws that are being considered or have been enacted on Ginseng digging, collecting and harvesting. This proposal from West Virginia should make you sit up and pay attention.

"Harvesting Ginseng"

Bill Grafton, Wildlife Specialist, WVU Extension Service
Dave McGill, Forest Resources Specialist, WVU Extension Service Aug. 2005

West Virginia has a new law that regulates the growing, digging, and selling of ginseng.
  (The W.Va. Division of Forestry will administer the regulations after the legislature approves them.)
A few of the regulations are described here.

It is now unlawful to plant ginseng seeds or plants and to dig, collect, or gather ginseng on public lands in West Virginia.

The digging season for wild ginseng is from September 1 through November 30. A grower may also harvest woods-grown or wild simulated ginseng during that same period. 

Cultivated ginseng may be harvested throughout the year.

Permits and Regulations:
A ginseng digger MUST have written permission on their person when harvesting wild ginseng on another person’s enclosed (fenced) or posted lands.  This sound familiar...huh?
People who harvest ginseng must buy a $10 annual permit. All commercial plants and roots must be sold to a licensed dealer so the state’s total harvest can be certified and monitored. Plants must be five years old to be harvested from the wild.
More information about ginseng may be obtained from the W.Va. Division of Forestry (304)558-2788).

This law proposal is making the rounds in some of the major states that harvest large crops of wild and wild simulated Ginseng.

Keep up to speed with your states requirements and proposals. This is our profession...don't lose this time honored activity to a non-outdoors politician seeking approval with the far left. IMHO!

Yours in Wild Harvest Profit Success!

5Rivers Jim

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