Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Prices for Ginseng highest in Years" AP Reports

Saw this in this mornings paper.  It concerns "cultivated" Ginseng, but it will surely affect the price of wild ginseng this year.


Wisconsin's ginseng crop is commanding the highest prices in decades.....The root crop is going for an average of $40 a pound this season, compared with last year's average of about $27. "

This is great news for us! Buyers from China, Hong Kong, Singapore and both US Coasts are bargaining for the "in short supply" of this years cultivated crop. That can only lead to better prices for wild harvest Ginseng.

Stay Tuned for an updated market price by the end of the week for wild Ginseng.

Wild Harvest Profits TIP:

Locate stands of Black Willow or "Diamond Willow" now for harvesting this Winter. These much in demand shafts are an excellent source of  income over the long Winter Months here in the Mid West.

Yours in Wild Harvest Profit Success!

5Rivers Jim

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