Thursday, October 21, 2010

Interview With Dan Wiebke-Ginseng Buyer

Dan Wiebke, President Wiebke Fur Company.
Today is Part One of an interview that Dan Wiebke, of Wiebke Fur and Trading Company, did for me specifically on the selling, handling, and transportation of Wild Harvested Ginseng.

Dan has been in this business for a number of years, and is one of the Mid West US main buyers and sellers of natural renewable resources.

Wiebke Fur and Trading Company has two locations in the Midwest:

Wiebke Fur and Trading Co.
110 Rose Street
La Crosse, WI 54603
(608) 784-4402

(608) 784-5453
Wiebke Fur & Trading Co.
P.O. Box 126, 218 Portland Ave.
Eitzen, MN 55931
(507) 495-3312

(507) 495-3469
These guys know the market and always strive to get you the best price. Give them a call or check out their site Wiebke Fur and Trading Company.

Lets get to the questions:

WHP:  When do you normally first start to see Ginseng hitting your buyers sites?

DAN:  Ginseng season opened Sept 1.  We usually buy some green ginseng on that first day.

WHP:  Do Ginseng sellers "wait" for the best price throughout the buying season?

DAN:  Some Ginseng diggers wait for the best price because that is important to them.  Other diggers sell daily.

WHP:  What are the legal requirements for wild harvesters or foragers selling Ginseng to your stores?

DAN:  All sellers must have a WI Ginseng Harvester's license.  All roots must be five years old or older.  Sellers from outside WI must have their roots certified by the state in which they reside before shipping the product to us

WHP:  What do you recommend harvesters or foragers do to provide the best product for your buyers?
     a.  Cleaning
     b.  Drying
     c.  Packaging
     d.  Shipping or transportation to your stores
      f.  Other

DAN: (In order of the questions above)
     a.  Rinse in warm water
     b.  Drying on cardboard.  Dry area above cupboard or attic.
     c.  Packaging - box or paper sack
     d.  Shipping- if shipping, the Ginseng must be boxed carefully.

WHP:  What is the largest haul from one seller you have seen in a single season?

DAN:  15 - 20 lbs is a large quantity.  Our best diggers have sold us around 100 lbs of green ginseng in a single season.

My next post I will finish up with the last five questions and answers from Dan.

Don't miss this part.  

Dan let's us know how he feels about the future of Ginseng harvesting, and also a great story about two diggers that went from rich to broke in a weekend.

Yours in Wild Harvest Profits Success!

5Rivers Jim

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