Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Information for Using a Handheld GPS for Wild Harvesting for Profit!

I am using my Garmin handheld GPS for locating new and future commodities for Wild Harvesting for profit, and I really was not using this amazing tool to it's fullest. I was just scratching the surface with it's ability to download routes and tracks that I put into the GPS, and then put them in my computer for saving until it was time to harvest.

I was using a small notebook to write the Lat and Long of the intended site,( in the field) and then when I wanted to find the spot, I was  using this notebook to refer to the location. I then loaded it in my GPS and then navigated  to that spot.

Found out that I can load all that info to my lap top and then when I want it can be put in my Garmin Venture HC a matter of minutes...for use in the field foraging. WOW! 

It shocks me that an Ole Poop like me can learn new things to save time and make more profit!

I got it all from a simple to understand needs to be simple for me to understand!!!

You can get a head start understanding the capabilities of your GPS by ordering this DVD on Getting the most From Your GPS . It is money well spent and it will open your eyes to all that the Venture HC can do. I wish that I had this DVD at the start of the Wild Harvest Season.

Yours in Wild Harvest Profits success.

5Rivers Jim

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