Friday, August 20, 2010

Wild Harvest Profits - Theft Alert while in the field

I just read an article on GPS and Auto Theft. It could apply to any Wild Harvester or Wild Forager. Read On...promise this is short and to the point.

When auto thief's take a vehicle that is equipped with a GPS, they (the slugs that took your ride) are using the owners own address entered into the system to locate and break in and rob the residence adding insult to injury. Many folks (yes... I used to be one of them) enter their addresses in their system, and use it to get home sometimes.

That is asking for disaster. Here is how to stop this from happening if you find your truck or car gone when you come out of the woods or off the water.

1. Don't leave your vehicle unlocked. I know it sounds stupid, but there are many harvesters and foragers that leave their vehicle unlocked in case someone from their party needs to get in, without them being there with the key.

SOLUTION Find a hiding spot that everyone knows before taking off. I now take a hide-a-key box with me, and hide it in the vicinity of the truck...under some leaves, rock, limbs and make sure that all know where it is. I was putting in on my truck, but my policeman neighbor said that the pro thief will know almost all the "normal" spots a key is hidden on the vehicle. Do what you feel is best based on the location where you are leaving your vechile

2. If your vehicle is stolen, don't list your home in the GPS as "HOME" or "OUR PLACE" or use your address (remember that your registration normally has your address on it)or something easily interpreted as your residence.

SOLUTION If you use your home coordinates on the GPS use something that only you will know for its way-point or location name. I use my dog's name. You can use anything that you can easily remember, but not too obvious that it is a "secret" address or location. I also throw in a few "ghost" coordinates and names to thwart and confuse any would be robber. (One of my Ghost's I list as "MY PLACE" is really the County Sheriffs office.)

These tips will not stop someone from finding your house, if they really want too, but there is no sense in helping them to pull up to your front door, while you are still sitting in the woods or on the dock wondering where your truck is.

Yours in Wild Harvest Profits!

5Rivers Jim

PS I am now taking my vehicle GPS, and securing it in the trunk or lock box I carry with me in my truck. I know that if they want to get in, they will but I am going to make it tough for them. Also, I have been leaving my truck GPS home and using my handheld GPS, which I carry with me where ever I go harvesting or foraging. Little extra safety for getting home.

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