Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rain and Humidity doesn't help Wild Harvesting

Well I don't know where you all are, but here in the Midwest, it is one of the wettest Summers on record. Had three inches of rain this weekend, and another 3 is on the way. COME ON FALL!

Have you been out making money Wild Harvesting? I have been digging roots and picking herbs, and it has been challenge to keep them from molding before I can market them.

I have a huge drier that my Dad made for me, and the herbs are not a problem, it is the roots that are giving me problems. I have a tip you to stop the mold destroying your hard work.

Window Screens!

I looked on Craigslist and found a guy that was selling all of his old screens, (got 20 large wooden cased screens for only $20) and I got them and now use them in my shed to put the roots on. Make sure they are not touching and have at least 12inches separation between stacked screens and then turn on a rotating fan and let the air blow across the roots. It will normally stop the formation of molds, and helps in drying the roots to a marketable dryness. If it is humid outside don't open a window to fresh air....it will act like convection oven and take for ever...if ever...for the roots to dry.

What am I wild harvesting and digging now?

See my post in the next few days on how harvesting these common plant roots helped many in the Great Depression survive.

5Rivers Jim

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