Sunday, August 15, 2010

There Dry and ready for storage

I just finished drying and storing my May Apple Roots for shipment to the buyer...more about them to come....! I saw yesterday a HUGE stand of my next Wild Harvest bounty. I will be harvesting them in the next few weeks. Should bring in around $200 for the effort of a few hours digging, washing, and drying and storing for shipment. Best part is that the landowner is ecstatic that I want to harvest these. Said " Son, you can have all you can dig and carry...might even get my kids out there to help you dig....You sure you want these pests?"


I am working on a white paper on Common Root Commoditiesthat can be profitable for the Wild Harvester or Wild Forager. I should have it ready in the next few days. Bookmark this site and look for the download link to come soon.

Now...I love reading about my passion...Nature and The Land. I recently started to read a history of a Wisconsin farmstead. It has captured my time, and is one of those books that makes you sad when you come to the just want to live and experience the author's description of life as they knew it everyday

I love this book The Land Remembers by Ben Logan. It is one of those keep by the bedside for good dreaming... books.

While you are formulating your Wild Harvest for Profits plan this book will keep you happy and warm for exploring and harvesting the bounty of this wonderful Earth.

To your Wild Harvest Profits success!

5Rivers Jim

PS I used my handheld gps again to mark the next root haul, and four more sites next to it....why? The farmer will be harvesting these sites of grain soon and he will be cutting the tops of the plants that I want making location difficult. I will need to be able to pin point them when I go to harvest. This thing really saves me tons of time and trouble!

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