Friday, August 27, 2010

Wild Harvest Profits - Keep Looking for Profit.

Wild Grape Vine Wreath.(.Image from Google Images)
Quick post on looking for your next salable commodity.

I was at my friends farm, mowing his small yard....2 acres or soo...and when mowing along the edge of the woods noticed that there is some very marketable Wild Grape growing up the trees. These vines are used in flower arrangements, and sell very well to florists and at farmers markets in your area. Many landowners consider them a pest to be removed. They also grow along fence lines, and make maintenance on the fence a chore when they get too old and long. I rarely get turned away when asking for permission to harvest them.

Now is the time to harvest them for curing and use in the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday period.

Some tips and tricks for curing them in my next post.

Yours in Wild Harvest Profits success!

5Rivers Jim

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