Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wild Harvest Profits - Keep Checking Drying Roots

Break Brittle Drying Roots.

Keep checking your drying roots. If you have had them drying in the shed, garage, attic, basement, wherever, make sure that they are being turned every 24 hours, and are Break Brittle! 

What does that mean?

When drying your harvested roots make sure that when you check them for dryness, that they actually break ......not bend..... when you check them in your hands like breaking fire wood sticks.

Never store your dry roots in plastic bags or boxes.  They will mold and then all that work is wasted, for no buyer will accept them in that condition.  Store them in a dry place, in paper bags, or boxes until time to ship. Check them often, to make sure that they are not sweating, or molding. If you do notice some moisture after putting in storage, then put back in your drier system and continue to take out moisture, until Break Brittle.

Yours in Wild Harvest Profits success.

5Rivers Jim

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