Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Start to this Blog was premature...Now We Are Rocking

When I started this blog I had a vision that the "Wild Crafting" community would jump right in there and post numerous tid bits of harvesting news and then this blog would be hopping with activity.

Didn't happen. Totally my fault. Being new to the internet and ways of contacting like minded folks caused this blog to bog down.

The reason is that I did not know how to reach those that I wanted to post on my blog about their experiences harvesting from Nature and making a sometimes many...dollars each year:

    J.M. from Western Wisconsin harvested 2,256 lbs of Morels and sold them for $14.00/lb.....Profit $31,584.00 for three weeks work.

    K.R. From Minnesota harvests Black Willow in the Winter, and makes over $17,000.00 during the Summer.

    W.M. From South Dakota, follows local timber Loggers and from their cast offs makes $300 - 500 per month in his spare time.

    C.E.combs the beaches of western Florida, and makes $3,000 each Summer from cast off glass.

I have been talking to many "Wild Harvesters" and have found numerous things that many folks do too help bring in income from Nature. Well over 18 activities country wide and counting for the Wild Harvester to take advantage of. This skill is more important now then in years past with our economy, and that is what this blog is going to do: teach how, when, where, why, and what to harvest and profit LEGALLY from Nature

First and foremost, I am not advocating plundering Nature for a few bucks. I wrote the following awhile back, Wild Harvesting is it ethical? and it sums up my feelings toward the ethics of foraging and harvesting from Nature.

We will be looking at all aspects for Wild Harvesting For Profit. Not only will you learn the things to harvest, but also the best techniques for selling, the best tools, the best markets, and the best potential income.

Comments are always welcome, but please don't kill me with ethical dribble on how we should just let Nature alone. I am going to emphasize again that I only advocate ethical harvesting of this wonderful worlds bounties...enough said.

Book mark this site, and also follow us on Twitter and Facebook. I will have the first white paper on Wild Harvesting For Profit available for you in the coming weeks. Check back and look for the download link.

The last thing that I want to get out in the open is that I am make my living writing, publishing and harvesting things of and about Nature. I will have TONS of free and up-to-date content for those who subscribe to my blog and newsletter, but also from time to time there will be links to products and information that I think are of interest to us Harvester's and also that I make a few dollars from. This helps me supplement my harvesting and writing income, and also allows me to track down the best and most up-to-date markets and products for you to make money with. If this upsets you, then you are welcome to find another resource for Wild Harvesting for Profit. I am not being rude just honest with you.

5Rivers Jim

This is one of the most important tools that I have with me every time I leave the house. Last year alone it helped me earn $750 dollars more and cut down the time in the woods doing it. Learn more here.

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